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  Dare to imagine - Make it happen ...  "YOUR" Far East Asia Office
Subject to clientele (manufacturer) product and specifications and the suitability of the clientele product to each individual country, Government Logistics Asia enacts for and on behalf of the manufacturer client, to carry, present, demonstrate and establish and continuously monitor and manage in country representations for the client.

Commencing with a representative liaison office based in Hong Kong, the hub of Far East Asia, this activity, contracted and in earnest, effectively establishes for the client a regional business manager and base, carrying the client business card, wearing the shirt, talking  the talk, operating and canvassing the familiar and trodden paths,  creating new in-roads where old trails have become worn, networking and establishing business opportunities, impregnating goodwill and building a solid and reputable foundation, not just "for the client", but "as the client",  through out Far East Asia through the Government Logistics Asia network.

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