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Government Logistics Asia  comprises a network of professionals placed in their own organisations serving military and law enforcement agencies with expertise, consultation, supply, logistical support, maintenance and training in a wide and specialist range of products and services.  Be it soldiering, law enforcement, civil defence, fire prevention, surveillance, communications or other government department, the organisations within the network have decades of experience, have been tried, tested, proven and steadfast, individually in their own territories which spread throughout most all Far East Asian nations. The network spans most countries from India through to Japan.  Network Satellites officially registered in their own respective territories as government suppliers, have arms and strategic commodities licenses, are versed in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, are registered with U.S. Department of Sates under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), are bureaucratically smart, civil servant savvy and are very much experienced in analysing and attacking a task with a bottom up or top down approach as each separate challenge may dictate.

You Have The Intention But Not The Connection.
In the military and law enforcement products industry, manufacturers are often established in their home countries but seeking new avenues and opportunities in Far East Asia, unaware of the diverse local cultures and ignorant to the know how would face great odds to create a successful marketing presence in Far East Asian countries without locally grown help, support and expertise.  Government Logistics Asia exists to make that expertise and management of it available to the client in a mutually beneficial manner with close affiliation and liaisons to grow their business and mould it's placement in Far East Asia for the long term.

Subject to your product description, product nature and specifications and the suitability of your organisations culture to each individual country, Government Logistics Asia enacts for and on behalf of you, the manufacturer client, to carry, present, demonstrate to establish and to continuously monitor and manage in country representations.

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